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Welcome to the weps website it is where you can find lots of information about the environment and how to protect it you can also acces free downloads (scroll down)


Deforestation is a devastation it is when big companies are cutting down trees and killing plants and maybe even animals, it is sad to see that happening and we can't really stop it but we can try and save our pieces of the land. The real deforestation happens near big foresests such as the amazon rainforest so you could start petitions about it or start a march about you just need to get heard, So you can help by:

  • Planting new trees if you take them down
  • Planting trees anyway
  • Playing your part

  • Poverty

    The causes of poverty are lack of certain materials such as food/water or a shelter but there are many ways to start it: A natural disatser such as an earthquacke (as it can knock down buildings/shelters) a goverment switch (like dictators) can make prices higher and make it harder to live and finally addictive drugs. More Information... Living in poverty is terrible and it must be stopped but it is hard to stop as so many people live in it. Poverty is when people are living in rough conditions such as lack of: fresh water or clean water (usually cold water is essential and hot water is luxury) no shelter (this is a basic shelter not an amazing home) or no food (basics like toast) as some foods like cake are luxary. Here are some statistics: 20% of the world have to live on less that 50p per day that the worlds 3 most richest people's oney put together will equal the ammount owned (altogether) by 48 of the worlds poorest countries, 1.1 billion people have no access to clean water, 30 thousand people die a day due to preventable (possible to be fixed) causes. 799 people go to bed hungrry, and there are 1.5 million children without education.


    Did you know? That scientists have discovered a plastic eating enzime, that can disolve plastic. An enzime is a substance produced by a living organism which acts as a catalyst to bring about a specific biochemical reaction (which means something designed to create a reaction).

    The environment is in need of serious work as each day it is dying so it needs your help so you could be the one to save it all, you can do it keep telling yourseld you can make a difference!

    New Updates and information

    -That on the 22nd of april that it is Earth Day were you celebrate the environment so you don't have to do something big but respect the environment by picking up litter, just do something small as it will make a big difference

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